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Forgiveness and Worthiness = Prosperity

Is “being forgiving” essential for a single mother? Today guest, best-selling author Edwene Gaines, says yes! “If you’re unwilling to forgive someone it’s like stabbing yourself with a knife and expecting the person who did you wrong to feel the pain. Morevover, harboring a grudge completely blocks our ability to have peace of mind and shuts off your prosperity.” Everyone, but especially us single mothers, can’t allow this kind of poison to breed in our families.

On today’s show we’ll continue with our four part prosperity series and dive into “spiritual prosperity law #3: forgiveness and worthiness” from Edwene Gaines book entitled “The four spiritual laws of prosperity.” You’ll hear how Edwene was able to forgive her husband completely—even though he left her pregnant in a foreign country with little money! How forgiveness is the fastest way to get rid of debt, and how your life can blossom in prosperity when you adopt a daily forgiveness routine.  

Set your course for 2012 for greater prosperity and inner peace by tuning in!

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