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Purpose and Prosperity

Do purpose and prosperity go together? Not according to many who believe in the “struggling artist” concept and think that you can’t get rich doing what you love. Today guest is Edwene Gaines, a one time single mother and best-selling author who used to struggle until she discovered the connection between purpose and prosperity. In the process, she not only found her divine purpose and created wealth, but she also rebooted her whole life and created a greater sense of inner peace.

On this show, Edwene will help you to find your divine purpose, live more fully in it, and connect your purpose to your prosperity in a big way. This show is the fourth and final segment of the “four spiritual laws of prosperity” series.

Set your course for 2012 for greater prosperity and inner peace by learning from today’s featured single mother who transformed her and her daughters’ life by following four spiritual laws and putting them into daily practice!
 Tune in.


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