If I Were Your Daddy, This is What You'd Learn

Voted one of the "Top Family/Parenting Books of 2012"
Benjamin Franklin Award by the Independant Book Publishers Association!

Praise for the book!

Jack Canfield

Co-creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul Series®", "The Success Principles™", and featured teacher in "The Secret"

I LOVE This Book!

Dr. Kim A. Jobst

Leading UK physician & fellow,"The Prince of Wales' Foundation for Integrated Medicine"

"This is a magnificent book—a veritable treasure-trove for any parent"

John Assaraf

Built seventeen multi-million dollar companies, best selling author of "The Answer", featured teacher in "The Secret".

"[The book] will make a huge difference in the world ... for those who have kids, or are going to have kids"

T. Harv Eker

Best-selling author "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind®"

"Thank you for creating this book"

Greg Link, CoveyLink LLC

Marketing mastermind to "7 Habits of Highly Effective People®" & "The Speed of Trust®"

"Like I learned with 7 Habits, bestselling books have important messages that resonate with readers. If I Were Your Daddy definitely resonates and is destined to be a very successful book."

Paul R. Scheele

Scheele Learning Systems and founding partner of Learning Strategies Corporation,author of "Drop Into Genius", "The Photo Reading Whole Mind System", and" Natural Brilliance"

"If I Were Your Daddy shares how you can raise children to be naturally brilliant, resilient, agile, and adaptive throughout their lives. Julia offers her book as a rich resource to encourage parents to release their genius and engage powerful ways to bring out the genius capacity in every child."

Steven M. R. Covey

Author of "New York Times" and #1 Wall Street Journal best seller "The Speed of Trust"

"There's nothing more important than being a great parent. But imparting life lessons and giving the gift of guidance isn't always easy. If I Were Your Daddy, This Is What You'd Learn allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants—those successful fathers, mentors, and friends who left their legacy. Whether you're a single parent or you just need a refresher on the important things in life, these stories from great dads are inspirational, educational, and ultimately effective ways to make informed choices and instill the best values in yourself and you kids."