If I Were Your Daddy,
This is What You’d Learn

This book is for parents, educators, counselors, or persons wanting to re-parent themselves, and heal their fathering issues.

Imagine a book where you peek into the private lives of extraordinary men who are also highly successful dads. How are they raising their own children? What essential mind-sets, values, and habits are they passing along? Are they equipping their children with something special—something to help them be more financially responsible, lead happier lives, and get along better with others? And most important, how can their experiences as a parent help you and your family?

In If Were Your Daddy This Is What You’d Learn, you’ll get an insider look at the private moments of CEOs, sports superstars, Grammy musicians, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, best-selling authors, multimillionaires, and more—men who know success professionally and personally, and are very dedicated dads, They talk frankly about the ups and down they’ve had in raising their own children. They disclose what works and what doesn’t—what’s essential and what must be avoided—the “must know” success tips for every parent.

Father's Advice

Dr. Murray Rosenthal explains why the book is fun and easy to read!

Ted Tillinghast speaks about being thrown into the firing-zone of step-fatherhood.

List of Featured Dads

Medicine (5)

Dr. Henry David Abraham, MD
Harvard Psychiatrist & Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Dr. Malouf Abraham, MD
Allergy Specialist & Art Collector

Dr. Kim Jobst, MD
Complementary Medicine & Fellow, Prince of Wales Foundation

Roy Martina, MD
Holistic Physician & Educator

Dr. Murray Rosenthal, DO, FAPA
Psychiatrist & Chief Medical Officer

Non-Profit (4)

Jonathan Reckford
Habitat for Humanity CEO

Billy Shore
Share Our Strength CEO & Child Advocate

Roland Warren
National Fathering Initiative President

Major Dan Rooney
F-16 “Top Gun” Pilot & Folds of Honor CEO

Music (2)

Robert Mirabal
Grammy-winning Musician

Freddie Ravel
Critically acclaimed Musician & Educator

Sports (3)

Chris Dudley
Retired NBA Superstar & Governor Candidate in Oregon

Bob Rotella, PhD
Olympic & Professional Sports Psychologist

Bob Rotella, PhD
Olympic & Professional Sports Psychologist

Personal Development / Educator (8)

Jack Canfield
America’s Success Coach & Best-Selling Author

Dr. John Demartini, DC
Human Behavior Specialist & Educator

Paul Scheele, PhD
Peak Performance Educator & Author

Brother Ismael Tetteh
West African Child Educator

Terry Tillman
International Leadership Trainer & Author

Shore Slocum
Peak Performance Trainer

T. Harv Eker
Millionaire Mind Expert & Best-Selling Author

Jim Bunch
Entrepreneur & Ultimate Life Coach

Therapist / Educator (4)

John Gray, PhD
Family / Marital Therapist & Best-Selling Author

Jack Elias
Clinical Therapist & Educator

Brian Alman, Ph
Clinical Practitioner & Wellness / Medical Weight Loss Expert

Thomas Moore
Theologian & Best-Selling Author

Business (10)

John Assaraf
Business-Building Expert & Best-Selling Author

Thomas V. Conigliaro
Goldman Sachs Managing Director

Christopher “Kip” Forbes
Forbes Inc. Vice Chairman & Art Collector

Tim Johnson
Real Estate Developer & Entrepreneur

Dean Kosage
Quixtar / Amway Global Executive Diamond Distributor

Vishen Lakhami
Internet Marketing Guru

Greg Link
CoveyLink President & Marketing Expert

Nick Nerangis
Real Estate Developer & Franchise Owner

Dino Rossi
Real Estate Developer & Retired Washington State Senator

Ted Tillinghast
Arbonne International, Executive National Vice President & Engineer

It’s Parenting Made Easy!

35 successful dads and their everyday learning all for less than the cost of a trip to the movies!