If I Were Your Daddy,
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35 Extraordinary Men Tell You How They’ve Raised and Inspired Their Children

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Find Your Child’s
Talent and Purpose

by Henry David Abraham, MD, Harvard Psychiatrist & Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipient

Teach Your Child Financial Self-Sufficiency

by Tim Johnson, Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor

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“I love this book!”

Jack Canfield, co-creator, the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series

“A book for everyone, not just dads. Big thumbs up!”

Vonda, single mother of grown son

“True life lessons we can use and share.”

Linda, mother and grandmother

“If I Were Your Daddy allows you to stand on the shoulders of giants— those successful fathers, mentor and friends who left their legacy.”

Stephen M.R. Covery author of “New York Times” best seller “The Speed of Trust”

My Story

The reality was that once I was expecting a child, my son’s father decided he didn’t want to be actively involved in raising him. And that was that. It’s not what I would choose, but I had to accept it. I was now a single mom, a statistic.

While my son was still a baby, I handled single parenthood pretty well. Infants are demanding, but they’re not complicated. But then he started growing up, and when I looked at this little boy, my one son emerging into being a person, it dawned on me that I had to be both mother and father to him. Holy cow! At that point I was just doing whatever I could to be the mother. I had no idea how to be a father! It struck me like a lightening bolt – you have to be in two roles here, not one.

“What are successful dads teaching their children?” There were lots of great parenting books out there, of course, and I bought quite a few. But to be honest, for this work-from-home mom building her own business, it was hard to stomach parenting books that insisted that I should do this or I must do that. Those books only added to my “I’m not doing enough” sense of guilt, instead of helping me through it. What I really wanted were practical, real life, this-is-what-works ideas and solutions that were easy to implement – from dads.