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How Crystal Clear Goals Bring Prosperity

Is goal setting directly linked to your happiness and prosperity? You’ll found out on today’s show as you unwrap part two of four series with Edwene Gaines, international speaker and best-selling author of the book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.

As a single mother, Edwene lifted her and her daughter out of total poverty into a life that was once unimaginable. Her income double and tripled within the first year of practicing what Edwene calls “four spiritual laws to prosperity, ” and then it kept growing. She went through dramatic personal transformations, increased her faith, found courage, became happy, and dedicated her life to helping others.

Today show focuses on the part two to the prosperity puzzle: Goal Setting. You’ll find out why Edwene (and most leadership experts) feel goals are necessary, how to handle a fear of failure, how to set realistic goals by internally “checking-in, ” and what pragmatic steps you must take after you’ve set a goal.

Edwene makes goal-setting understandable, practical, and easy to teach to your children too. Edwene shares how she taught goal setting to her grandsons quite successfully, and how she obtained every goal she has ever set for herself (though not in the time table she wanted, or the way she expected.) “Sometimes I wanted something and I got it. Then I realized that it didn’t make me happy so I let it go, and I learned a lot in the process, ” says Edwene. “Goal setting is not about getting stuff (though you’ll probably get a lot of stuff in the process), it’s about learning what’s really important to you.”

So unwrap your gift of increased prosperity and inner peace—to keep all year long—by tuning into today’s show! LISTEN HERE!

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