Dating Again: Telling the Truth So Your Love Life Can Blossom Image

Dating Again: Telling the Truth So Your Love Life Can Blossom (part 2)

with 23-year veteran relationship mentor Eva Love

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Who would have thought that the ancient Greek saying “Know thyself” also applied to having great relationships and finding a lasting love? Relationship mentor Eva Love, that’s who! After spending 23 years mentoring even the toughest cases, Eva knows that unless you love yourself—deeply—no one else will either! Sounds logical until you consider this major obstacle: Before you can love yourself, you’ve got to know yourself first.


Try truth serum, Eva Love style—a simple exercise you do eight times a day (for 10 seconds each) leading to powerful personal results! “Our life is created by the beliefs we hold, and our beliefs are triggered from our feelings,” Eva says. “Notice your feelings, and you’ve found your doorway to change.” In this show, Eva will give listeners a wide open avenue to create change—”to create a life that is consciously chosen rather than unconsciously lived.” Eva will detail what people typically do with their feelings: (1) Suppress/Ignore, (2) Escape, (3) Express (act out), and (4) Release. With her exercise, you’ll be able to choose option 4 regularly, the healthiest option that’s rarely taken. And she’ll help you avoid falling into the “Why am I feeling this way?” bottomless pit—a real waste of time. You’ll even hear how money success can be directly tied to relationship success. Tune in and find out just how liberating it is to “know thyself”—to acknowledge and accept your feelings—and why your love life can blossom as a result.
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