The Secrets to Cleaning Up Your Credit Score and Keeping it Strong Image

The Secrets to Cleaning Up Your Credit Score and Keeping it Strong

with licensed FICO professional and credit restoration expert Joe McGlynn

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What three little numbers can cost you thousands of dollars? Answer: your FICO credit score—and it’s easier to change than you might believe. An article in MSN Money calculated that the difference between a 750 and a 650 credit score is a startling $201,712 in extra interest paid over a lifetime. Home and car insurance premiums are even higher when your score is lower, and just one little oops—one late credit card payment, for example—can lower your score by as much as 100 points.

Today’s guest, Joe McGlynn, is a licensed FICO professional and credit restoration expert who can give us single moms the knowledge to strengthen our credit and fatten our purses by improving our credit score. You’ll discover that everything on your credit report has the potential to be removed—whether it happened or not! “U.S. federal law requires credit bureaus to verify items on your report if they’re requested to do so by you,” says McGlynn. “If the credit bureaus can’t verify a specific item within 30 days, it goes off your record permanently!”

Think how busy credit card companies and mortgage banks are! Do you think these companies keep perfect long-term records, and answer every request for verification that comes in? No! Today’s show will give an open door to improving your score with the insider knowledge that only the best credit restoration companies know, but that every individual can use! You’ll learn the things most people do wrong in trying to fix their credit (hint: don’t ever submit disputes online—it’s a waste of time). As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to help our children establish and keep good credit as they become young adults.

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