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Dating Again: Kiss Another Toad or Find Your Prince?

with 23-year veteran relationship mentor Eva Love

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“…And they lived happily ever after!” What a crock of *%&*! As little girls, we get fed this fairy-tale ending, often in the most delightful movies and books. I mean, who didn’t love the Disney film Enchanted? But now it’s “Why the heck didn’t my life turn out like that?” If you’ve ever thought this, or decided to give up on love (just till the children are 18), or wanted to escape dating any more “toads”—then this show is just for you

Twenty-three-year veteran relationship mentorEva Love once believed in fairy tales, but she gave up on love after finding her second husband beating her children. Divorced again, Eva tailspun into avoidance and unhappiness. “I ate my pain and used food to comfort and hide me. For years, I didn’t deal with the issues that needed healing—issues that (had I dealt with them) could have brought me a healthy relationship and a great father for my kids.”

In her darkest hour, Eva was divinely given a way out—and given the keys to finding lasting love. She used her revelations, insights, and exercises not only to attract her truest love, but also to help more than 5000 coaching clients find theirs too!

What is love’s most guarded secret? “It’s all an inside game,” Eva says, “which means it is 100 percent under your control. I can tell you how to make yourself irresistible! I’ve got an exercise that can make confidence, inner joy, and happiness just bubble out of you. There isn’t a more attractive or sexy thing than that!”

Ditch the toads—or your vow of celibacy. Tune in and find out that fairy tales can come true after all, one Eva exercise at a time.


Eva Love:

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