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Too Sexy? Too Violent? Too Soon?

Here is THIS WEEK’S RADIO SHOW: Listen here 

with developmental psychologist, Dr. Nancy Buck 

Hello Single Moms & Friends,

In our sexed-up, violence-based media world, experts are asking if our children are being bombarded with images that are far too sexy, too violent, too soon. As a researcher and mother, I say, “Absolutely yes!” But today’s guest, developmental psychologist and mother Dr. Nancy Buck, begs to differ. “Every generation of parents has said the same thing,” she argues.

While her argument doesn’t sway me (I remain horrified at the effects the media are having on our teens), she and I do agree on one thing: if parents don’t mitigate the images and influences, then these images and influences will shape our children’s values for life!

Listen to today’s show for a lively talk about the influences of media and Hollywood on our kids—and what mothers can do about it. It’s not as simple as turning off the TV. “Good luck trying to protect your children from these influences,” says Dr. Buck. “That will eventually be a losing battle.” But what moms can do, she says, is have early, straightforward, and truthful conversations with their kids. If mothers consistently and critically discuss what’s on television and in song lyrics, then these influences will have much less impact.

On this show, you’ll hear how I overcame my discomfort and was able to talk about sexual issues with my son (earlier than I would have wanted to) and, as a result, built a new level of trust with him. You’ll also hear Dr. Buck’s psychological wisdom about what’s really going on with children—their struggle for power and their struggle to get their needs met in some way—and how these struggles affect the media’s impact.

By the end of today’s show, you’ll have a clear action plan for dealing with the sexy, violent influences coming at our children.

Are you horrified too with the images & impact of the media on our children? 
Or is Julia just a prude? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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