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The 9 Environments of Great Mothers and Great Leaders

Hey there Single Moms and Friends,

Whether you know it or not, you live in nine environments that define you. They’ve conditioned you. They’ve formed you into the person you are. And they’re constantly shaping your results—past, present, and future. 

These nine environments include: 

  • your body
  • your self
  • your spiritual environment
  • your natural environment
  • your physical environment
  • your network
  • your relationships
  • your financial environment
  • your beliefs

Understanding how these nine environment work can make the difference between living a life by default and living it by design. 

When someone wants a change, usually there is just a hope for it, not a plan. This situation is like struggling in the dark, not realizing the forces that are impacting you. Today’s guest expert, veteran life-coach and multimillionaire entrepreneur Jim Bunch, offers a different approach: examine the “9 Environments of You” and consciously tweak them, so you can more easily attain your goal and even “pull” it toward you.  

Great leaders know this secret, and now great moms will too—as Jim explains the concept of the nine environments and helps you

  • Determine if your current environments are silently holding you back or propelling you forward
  •  Understand how to begin redesigning them and where to start
  • Learn how to delegate your success to the environments, so you can stop the yo-yo effect and create long-term happiness, health, and wealth

As you listen to today’s show, follow along by viewing the “9 Environments of You” shown at the top, and take Jim’s assessment absolutely free, to determine how well your nine environments are working for you.

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